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A Journey through the book of Genesiswith Willow Creek Community Church

"Welcome to Matthew" -Steve Gillen


"Welcome to Matthew" -Steve Gillen

Tyler Hoff

One of the things I love about our church is your willingness to take on a challenge.  We started this year by learning to read fast and going through the New Testament in 8 weeks.  To kick off the fall, we want to learn to read slow, and go through the gospel of Matthew.  

We chose Matthew as this book will give us an in-depth understanding of Jesus ministry and his teaching.  Within it’s pages we will study the greatest sermon in history (the Sermon on the Mount), parables that will stretch our understanding of God’s kingdom, and stories of Jesus love and compassion.   I believe we will be inspired and challenged and I hope you will join us for this Journey through Matthew.

-Steve Gillen